Invitation to webinar with Prof. Dr. Ken Stedman on November 10th, 2022

In the next MultiKulti webinar on Thu, 10th of November 2022, we welcome Prof. Dr. Ken Stedman from Portland State University, USA. Due to the large time shift, the webinar will start at 5:00 p.m CET.

Prof. Stedman’s research focuses primarily on viruses from extreme habitats and astrovirology, but also on the stablization of vaccines. His research on extreme viruses mainly investigates their structure, biochemistry, function and evolution.

In his lecture titled “Searching for Sulfolobales and their viruses” Ken Stedman will tell us about the sampling and cultivation of members of the genus Sulfolobus and their viruses. Sulfolobus and their relatives are relatively common but not very abundant in high temperature acidic environments. Interestingly, an amazing variety of highly diverse viruses have already been isolated from these organisms. Ken Stedman will discuss the original isolation of Sulfolobus (now Saccharolobus) solfataricus and how new strains and viruses from sites throughout the world can be isolated.

Interested guests are welcome to email for the login data to the online meeting.