Reactor on the road


Reaktor on the road – Utilization the innovative cultivation concept

In WP 4, the results of WP 1, WP 2 and WP 3 are brought together. This means that the bioreactor built in WP 1 is equipped with the instruments and monitoring methods designed and validated in WP 2, and is tested with the innovative cultivation concepts developed in WP 3.

The conditions in the main reactor should be kept as constant as possible (preserve), while targeted manipulations will take place in the side reactors in order to enrichand ultimately isolatetarget organisms. The MultiKulti reactor is used consecutively by the different working groups. First, the “simpler” ecosystems of drinking water and groundwater are examined, followed by deep groundwater (geyser) and finally seawater.

Due to the increasing salinity and the increasing pressure as additional physical parameters, the complexity of the reactor operation and the sampling procedures increase.

Goals: Preservation, enrichment and cultivation of:

  • Manganese oxidizing bacteria and CPR from drinking and ground water
  • Altiarchaeota from the Andernach geyser
  • Marine Group II Euryarchaeota from the North Sea
  • Microorganisms for space and astrobiological research