MultiKulti PhD student Katharina Runzheimer wins prize for best presentation

Great news from the MultiKulti team: Katharina Runzheimer (DLR, Cologne) received the prize for the best presentation at the Conference of the German Astrobiological Society (DAbG).
The Conference of the Astrobiological Society (DAbG) took place in Bremen at the beginning of September. The field of astrobiology deals, among other things, with the question of life on extraterrestrial planets. To address this topic, terrestrial habitats with extreme environmental conditions are often used as analogous habitats. For her research, MultiKulti PhD student Katharina Runzheimer looks at lakes in the Atacama Desert in Chile as a terrestrial analogue habitat for life on early Mars or other celestial bodies harboring water. The lakes of the Atacama Desert are characterised by their location at high altitudes (~4000 m above sea level), as well as high salinity, strong UV radiation and other extreme conditions. Katharina Runzheimer presented the results of her research at the DAbG conference and was awarded with the prize for best presentation.