Invitation to Webinar with Dr. Robert Reichelt on September 8th, 2022

As part of the MultiKulti webinar series, Dr. Robert Reichelt will share some insights into the research of the Archaea Centre at the University of Regensburg on 08.09.2022 at 4:15 p.m.

Additionally to bacteria the domain of archaea contains many microorganisms with interesting properties. Thus, many archaea possess unusual metabolic pathways and are able to survive in almost all environments (even under extreme conditions, e.g. high pressure, high temperatures or low pH). In Regensburg, the Archaea Centre headed by Prof. Dr. Dina Grohmann is focusing on these exciting organisms and has successfully isolated over 1.800 strains already.

As part of this group, our speaker Dr. Robert Reichelt is investigating representatives of the family Desulfurococcaceae and he will tell us about an extraordinary isolate – Mucithermus cthulhu, an archaeon with “long arms”. What this means and which properties this marine, hyperthermophilic microorganism possesses, we will learn during his talk.

The successful enrichment and isolation of this archaeon was only possible due to the special equipment of the Archaea Centre and the associated “Biotechnikum”, as the normal cultivation vessels and standard protocols are not designed for extreme conditions. Therefore, special fermentation plants were set up in Regensburg which allow the cultivators to mimic the natural environment of microorganisms, including incubation temperatures up to 120°C, five bar overpressure and extremely acidic pH. Dr. Robert Reichelt will also inform us about these approaches and the research equipment of the Archaea Centre.

Interested guests are welcome and can get the link to the online meeting at