Official Project Kickoff Meeting in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony

In September 2021 the entire MultiKulti team came together at the ICBM in Oldenburg – in the picture from left to right: Markus Huth (Humboldt University Berlin), Ralf Möller (German Aerospace Centre, DLR), Vera Aschmann (German Water Centre, TZW), Martin Könneke (ICBM), Marion Pohlner (ICBM), Michael Hügler (TZW), Alexander Probst (University of Duisburg-Essen, UDE), Lisa Engl (ICBM), Sophie Simon (UDE), Katharina Herkendell (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, FAU), Thomas Trabold (FAU), Katharina Runzheimer (DLR).

At this kickoff meeting the group laid the groundwork for the project; not only by discussing the respective subprojects of the project partners, but also by determining the requirements for the prospective reactor.


A reactor model made of Perspex showed its basic mechanism and was very helpful in the discussion. The publication of a White Paper as well as joint appearances at conferences and trade fairs were coordinated among the partners. Over coffee and snacks the exchange was very lively and everyone is looking forward to the future collaboration.