Finally: The reactor is here

The heart of the MultiKulti plant has finally arrived. Just in time for the start of the vacation season at our Bavarian project partner FAU, Thomas Trabold was finally able to hold in his hands what had taken so much planning time.

Because the reactor is operated at up to 25 bar with hydrogen, among other things, it is a Category IV pressure vessel, which not just anyone can and, above all, is allowed to make from duplex steel. Our reactor has therefore made a journey from the paver on the Dutch border.

Now the craft part of the project begins at the work group of Prof. Dr. Katharina Herkendell, FAU. In the coming weeks and months, several hundred individual parts of the overall system will have to be installed, piped, wired and bolted together. The start was made by the 255 kg MultiKulti reactor, which found its place in the prepared scaffolding in the container.