Invitation to first MultiKulti-Webinar

As part of our webinar series, the MultiKulti group invited Dr. Jens Kallmeyer for an online talk on May 12, 2022.

Dr. Jens Kallmeyer is head of the Aquatic Geochemistry Laboratory and head of the Radioisotope Laboratory at the German Research Centre for Geosciences (Geoforschungszentrum GFZ) in Potsdam. He is working on the exploration of the deep biosphere, the biogeochemistry of lake sediments and pore waters, lakes as carbon sinks, as well as the determination of microbial biomass and measurement of turnover rates with radioisotopes.

The title of the lecture is „HP-DIY: Developing high-pressure incubators for biogeochemical experiments”. Many biogeochemically relevant processes are strongly affected by pressure. However, hydrostatic pressure alone is not sufficient to recreate true in-situ conditions, but high gas saturation is required as well. The group of Dr. Jens Kallmeyer therefore designed and built a flow-through high pressure reactor that allows for pre-saturation of the medium with gas. Temperature is another major factor that influences biogeochemical processes. Experiments under high pressure and temperature are mostly carried out with few pressure containers with heating jackets or placed in incubators, allowing for only very few p/T conditions. The newly developed high-pressure thermal gradient system allows for simultaneous incubation at 15 different temperatures and three different pressures, providing up to 45 different p/T conditions in a single experiment.

We look forward to an interesting lecture and stimulating scientific exchange.The webinar will take place on 12th of May 2022 at 4:15 pm. Participants are warmly welcome, please get your log-in data by contacting